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Posted by Admin On18th April 2010

Every April 15th small businesses and corporations go through minor spasms as everyone in the organization attempts to straighten out and file their taxes. Well, apparently businesses aren’t the only ones who don’t fully understand the tax code–the IRS is a bit fuzzy too.

New laws, including the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the Worker, Homeownership and Business Assistance Act of 2009, have “caused confusion, resulting in taxpayers making errors in claiming Recovery Act credits on their tax returns; delays in processing tax returns; and erroneous payments by the IRS,” said a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

The IRS paid “some $24.2 million in erroneous Making Work Pay and Government Retiree credits and improperly awarded some $4.7 million in erroneous Plug-in Vehicle credits” through the first week of March, the TIGTA report said.

Those are some pretty egregious errors! Perhaps we should penalize them for filling out tax forms wrong, eh? Happy Tax season.

Posted by Admin On30th March 2010

In the years after Google was founded, it’s former employees left and established some of the most successful online companies in the market today. Similarly, Paypal is a company that seemed to inspire and train Internet genius, with alumni going on to form a number of important online ventures. Now, the alumni of facebook are attracting the same sort of attention from Silicon Valley investors.

On Monday, Quora, a start-up founded by four ex-Facebook employees, including former Chief Technology Officer Adam D’Angelo, raised a Series A round of funding from Benchmark Capital that the technology blog TechCrunch said valued the company at $86 million, citing an unnamed source.

I am always so fascinated with the webs of creation that come from the success of one company. It will be interesting to see how many people leave facebook in order to create new, successful, online ventures of their own. As far as I’m concerned, it is a hallmark of success–a badge of honor that facebook should be proud of.

Posted by Admin On5th March 2010

The economy, still in the dump, is mostly holding the line in recent months, neither improving nor falling dramatically. This does not mean we are in the midst of recovery or that the recession is going to get worst–it simply means things are staying bad.

Still, in the midst of that situation, some people are finding reason to be optimistic and make risky moves.

Shares of Coca Cola slumped after the company announced it would be buying part of its largest bottler. But at least one savvy insider has taken the decline as a chance to stock up on $8.1 million in Coca-Cola shares.

Herbert A. Allen, a director at Coca-Cola, bought 152,080 shares for an average price of $52.95 on March 1. The shares were purchased by Allen’s New York-based private-investment firm Allen & Co.

Allen is a smart guy, buying shares of Coke at a low-time so that he’ll profit long time. The old adage is “Buy Low, Sell High.”

Posted by Admin On21st January 2010

Warren Buffet is a prophet of the marketplace–a billionaire who has made his money by valuing stock correctly. He is called, in some quarters, the Oracle of Omaha (his hometown) because of his ability to accurately predict the economy’s actions, as well as the operations of various businesses that effect their stock values. Mere words from his mouth can cause stock prices or values to jump for a particular company. This time, it was his own company, a subject about which he has rarely discussed publicly:

Buffett, who is chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire, is planning to fund the Burlington Northern deal with Berkshire stock that’s fallen by about than a third from its 2007 high. He has chastised Kraft Foods Inc. CEO Irene Rosenfeld for issuing shares of the foodmaker to help fund its purchase of Cadbury Plc. Berkshire is the largest stock investor in Kraft.

“Both Kraft and Berkshire are undervalued,” he said. While he was reluctant to issue shares of his company at its current price, Buffett said “I’m still OK with it” based on his assessment of the railroad. “But it’s close.”

More on the Oracle and how much he values his company here.

Posted by Admin On14th October 2009

Buying any kitchen appliance, from a dishwasher to a tumble dryer, is a major expense for most of us and getteing the decision right is important. With Rainbow Appliance, consumers can enjoy access to genuine customer reviews and much more. As well as user submitted reviews, the site is also packed with manufacturer’s descriptions, product features, and general buying information so an informed decision is only ever a click away.

Posted by Admin On12th May 2008

National Income Life Insurance Company is a 100% union company. It is a subsidiary of American Income Life, which has been serving Northing American union policy owners for over 50 years. National Income Life solely insures union members and retirees in New York State, with offices in Albany, New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Corning, and Long Island.

With National Income Life being a 100% union company, they stand apart from typical insurance companies. This gives the company a stable and elite market. It also has let the company do away with cold calls and prospecting.

National Income Life gives union members and retirees Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits. The company also gives an additional Accidental Death benefit to members’ spouses and children. The benefits are in force 24/7, even if one is on the job or at home. All of this is paid for at no cost to union members.

National Income Life is offering union members these benefits at no cost in exchange for the opportunity to introduce members to the company’s supplemental benefit plans. Members will receive direct mailings, to which they can respond to through a postage-paid card. Only the members who respond will be further contacted and given information about specific plans designed for them.

It is essential to National Income Life to give union members and retirees excellent customer service and current benefits. Every day, the company is working to introduce up-to-date benefits into the union insurance market. As these benefits become available, National Income Life will get in touch with a representative from the union to discuss if these latest benefits would be plus to members.

On National Income Life’s website, members can access their account to make address, name, and miscellaneous changes. If they need to make a change in beneficiaries, a form can be printed, filled out, and then mailed to the company. If union members opt for supplemental benefits, they can choose to have premiums automatically deducted from their bank account. Premium notices can also be sent to an E-mail address so members can pay the bill online. Members can also have access to claim forms on the website.

Members can receive two free items from National Income Life. The Child Safe Kit can help members’ children from becoming one of the 800,000 children who end up being reported missing each year. The kit lets a child’s vital information be stored in a secure place. Members can also take advantage of the Family Information Guide which helps members inform their family about their insurance coverage.

Posted by Admin On28th April 2008

The Bush adminstration recently announced that the tax rebates meant to spur the slowing economy will be going out sooner than expected.

Depending on your situation, you can expect a rebate of up to $600 for an individual and $1,200 for a couple with an additional $300 for each dependent child.

When I was a kid I loved getting money as a gift, or finding money in random places like my dad’s wallet or mom’s purse. It meant that I got to spend it on cool things like comic books, video games, candy and toys.

No doubt everyone is excited to get their rebate check. I’m sure people are planning to use them for all kinds of fun and exciting stuff. Here’s a list of some things you might consider using your government fun money on:

Gas. Bet you can’t wait to cash that check and get to the gas station before all the good gas is gone, eh?

Food. With food prices rising, now’s a good time to hoard rice, beans, cereal and SPAM so you’ll be able to last a few extra months after food becomes too expensive for the average family.

More Gas. By the time you get back from the store, gas prices will likely have gone up again. You can use the remainder of your cash to top off so you’ll be able to take your kids to baseball practice.

Did you ever imagine you’d have this much fun with found money when you grew up?

Posted by Admin On25th April 2008


Running a business isn’t as easy as it used to be back in the dark ages, before the advent of the computer and the Internet.?‚A Now that NetworkAgenda has rolled out its online suite of virtual office tools, you’ve probably arrived at the conclusion that running a business in the old days was considerably more difficult.

Before NetworkAgenda developed an entire suite of online office tools for one low monthly subscription price, running a business effectively required an entire room full of support staff to handle a variety of tasks, such as payroll, scheduling, filing, as well as project management, and other multiple details.

Today, by simply paying one low monthly price it’s possible for you to handle all of the following tasks on your desktop and the Internet:

  • l timeclock
  • l Project manager
  • l contact manager
  • l Web calendar
  • l conference room
  • l data storage

Life isn’t really all that much easier since the advent of NetworkAgenda‘s suite of tools.?‚A You still have to manually program your VCR, and your children are still required to learn how to tie their shoes.?‚A Business however, is another story.?‚A NetworkAgenda has developed so many useful and practical tools that your business could almost run without you.

So grab your golf clubs, and log on to and put NetworkAgenda to work helping you to run your business.

Posted by Admin On25th April 2008

It’s easy to complain about the rising gas prices because it’s in the news nearly every day. But Americans are also paying more at the supermarket and don’t realize it because of the lack of media attention.

Sam’s Club recently announced that they’re going to start limiting the sale of certain kinds of rice to consumers. According to Reuters, Sam’s Club, the No. 2 U.S. warehouse club operator, said it is limiting sales of Jasmine, Basmati and long grain white rice “due to recent supply and demand trends.”

Food shortages in third-world countries are causing worldwide food prices to rise, and it’s only a matter of time before the effects show up at your grocery store.

Companies like Quaker have typically eaten the price hikes, but are no longer able to do so. That means that they’re going to pass the expense onto you. Latest government data shows that America’s food inflation is currently at 4.5% a year, which means that some people are starting to stockpile non-perishables now before prices go up.

The price hikes for many non-perishable items like eggs, milk and beef are coming at a more rapid pace, and the data suggests that the high prices are here to stay.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that Ramen noodles are still fairly cheap.

Posted by Admin On24th April 2008


The New York Mets named Fernando Aquino director of market development. Aquino was press secretary of downstate press operations for New York State Senate Minority Leader Malcom Smith. South Coast League Chief Executive Officer Jamie Toole resigned. The West Coast Collegiate Baseball League hired Ken Wilson as president.


The Minnesota Lynx promoted Nicole Smith to senior manager of ticket sales and service. Facilities Daytona International Speedway promoted Brian Crichton to vice president of special events and entertainment and John Guthrie to vice president of business development and partnerships. Gateway International Raceway promoted Ron Poe to senior group account executive, and hired Melissa Bevington as a corporate account executive.


The Detroit Lions and Ford Field hired Robert Raymond as vice president of business operations. Raymond was vice president of marketing and ticket sales for the Detroit Tigers. The St. Louis Rams formed a new ticket sales department, and named Michael O’Keefe vice president of sales and Jake Bye director of ticket sales and premium seating. The team hired Evan Ardoin as community outreach assistant and Barbara Helman, Megan Knapp, Jon Kruse, David Kinsey and Nathan Schandl to its sales department. Marketing Maroon PR named Mitchell Schmale senior account executive. Schmale was an account manager for Kohn Creative. Media Comcast SportsNet Bay Area promoted Tom Pellack to vice president of marketing and creative services and Jen Franklin to director of marketing and interactive communications.

The USTA Tennis and Education Foundation named to its board Lucy Garvin, Jonathan Vegosen, Carol Kimmelman, Terry March and Paul Palandjian.