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Crazy Stats Tracking – CrazyEgg

Posted by Admin On10th March 2006

CrazyEggPete has the blogosphere pretty hyped about upcoming stats tracker CrazyEgg and understandably so – just check out the overlay and heatmap images!

First, let me go ahead and say I have not used CrazyEgg myself so I’m not to sharp on all of their features (hint, hint: send me an invite :) ). My one concern is whether or not CrazyEgg has anything else to offer in addition to the click tracking. If all CrazyEgg does is track where users click on-screen, this makes it a mildly useful tool for the designers out there, as well as a beautiful piece of flipmeat for Google’s Analytics crew or the folks over at Mint. If CrazyEgg has added a solid collection of statistics tracking features within this package I can see this becoming the defacto solution, definitely giving Mint a run for it’s money.

One of the most impressive bits I have seen come from CrazyEgg is that it tracks actual location on screen of each click – not just the element clicked. Using their heatmap you can give a quick glance and determine whether you can afford to shorten that login submission button by 50 pixels or if numerous people are confusing an image on site as a link. This could prove extremely useful in testing different AdSense positions!

Either way, the beauty of accomplishing a task like this – all in a small bit of Javascript – is amazing. Congratulations to CrazyEgg for making an excellent application, now to turn it into an excellent business!