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Facebook Spawns New Ventures

Posted by Admin On30th March 2010

In the years after Google was founded, it’s former employees left and established some of the most successful online companies in the market today. Similarly, Paypal is a company that seemed to inspire and train Internet genius, with alumni going on to form a number of important online ventures. Now, the alumni of facebook are attracting the same sort of attention from Silicon Valley investors.

On Monday, Quora, a start-up founded by four ex-Facebook employees, including former Chief Technology Officer Adam D’Angelo, raised a Series A round of funding from Benchmark Capital that the technology blog TechCrunch said valued the company at $86 million, citing an unnamed source.

I am always so fascinated with the webs of creation that come from the success of one company. It will be interesting to see how many people leave facebook in order to create new, successful, online ventures of their own. As far as I’m concerned, it is a hallmark of success–a badge of honor that facebook should be proud of.