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Follow-up: Network Solutions Now Tells Customers About “Customer Protection Measure”

Posted by Admin On28th January 2008

netsol2.jpgRemember way back to 20 days ago when it was found that Network Solutions was registering domains as people searched for them. Well, now in a brilliant move of hind-sight, they are informing their customers of the act now.

I still think it’s a shady practice. “By holding the searched domains at Network Solutions for a short period, it allows our customers to take the time to decide whether this is the domain name that they really want to register.” Well, at Network Solutions prices customers better think long and hard about registering that domain. If they used a less expensive registrar, then wouldn’t have to think so much that Network Solutions needs to resort to this kind of thing.

(By the way NetSol… was it really necessary to register ““?)

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