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Godspeed – Jesus Manuel Montane

Posted by Admin On23rd April 2008

A new series from Jesus Manuel Montane

Even if you’re not familiar with the book, The Hero of a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell, you’re familiar with what he calls The Hero’s Journey. The Hero’s Journey is the basic premise that permeates much of our religious stories, myths and fiction down through the centuries.

It’s the basic tale of a young person who must rise up and become the savior of the land. It’s a tale we see in Lord of the Rings, Dune, Star Wars and countless other epic fantasies. The premise inspired George Lucas, and now it’s inspired Jesus Manuel Montane, creator of the animated fantasy, Godspeed.

Godspeed takes place in a war ravaged galaxy where the evil Garud’Zbel seeks to bring havoc and darkness to all. Along with his army, the El’Thanat, he goes on the attack. It’s during one of these attacks that a young girl named Kira gets what should be a fatal dose of radiation. But instead of killing her, it gives her special powers and abilities. The young Kira must become a young woman to lead her people against the forces of darkness, and restore peace to the galaxy.

Writer/creator – Jesus Manuel Montane says, “Kira, the main character, is both a little child and a fully grown up woman at the same time, in parallel universes. She has a hard time, trying to understand what’s going on with her body and what are her new powers. It’s a metaphor of pre-adolescence.”

Stories like this come to us in many forms. There have been countless movies, novels, comic books and ancient texts that bring us new heroes to vanquish new villains. While the animated epic fantasy usually comes to the big screen, Godspeed is set to hit TV.

“We’ve spent two years creating this universe, this unique experience. Kids are, nowadays, too used to cheap, bad animated TV. Godspeed script and characters work on many levels, and its conceptual design is quite unique. The ships with sculpted faces, the symbols of each tribe… well, I would have loved it, if I saw it on TV when I was a child,” says Montane.

Godspeed promises to breathe new life into the animated fantasy genre with its intricate plot, sympathetic characters and full musical score. For more information about the series, check out their web site: where you can view trailers and download extras.