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Jivox: Roll Your Own Video Ad

Posted by Admin On12th March 2008

Jivox provides templates for creating online video ads. Now, knowing my readership, I know that most of you will absolutely hate this company. But it is an interesting idea for not only online publishers, but also bricks and mortar companies.

Jivox online video advertising is a powerful new way to tell your customers about your business beyond the visual and geographic limitations of search engines and banners. With Jivox, you can easily create Free professional video advertisements for your business with music, visuals, and more. Through the exclusive Jivox network your ad will appear “on the digital air.” Jivox pinpoints the sites your customers go to in the markets you need to reach them. You only pay for the actual sites where your video ad runs.

Once you create your free ad, you then define demographics of your target audience and set the budget for the ad. Jivox then takes over and sells the ad within their own network and that is where this startup intends to make money. Do it yourself business people are a good market to go after, especially with free services.