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Maybe Yahoo Buzz Isn’t A Flop

Posted by Admin On17th March 2008

I figured Yahoo Buzz, yet another Digg clone, would have been a flop when it launched on February 25th. Three weeks later, the site seems to have picked up a bit of steam. The big benefit that Buzz offers over Digg is that top stories on Buzz are published on the Yahoo homepage, therefore exposing the link to a ton of viewers.

TechCrunch wrote about their recent Buzz experience. On Saturday, TechCrunch was linked to from Buzz at 5:45PM PST. Despite Saturday being their typical slow day trafficwise, TechCrunch saw their highest traffic day ever and over 1,000 comments were posted on the linked story.

Other sites have seen similar response. Salon had 1 million unique visitors to their page the day they were linked to from Buzz. US Magazine had their second highest traffic day ever with 32% of the visits coming from Buzz. Sugar, Inc sites have had almost 1.8 million unique visitor sent from five different stories on Buzz.

Buzz publishers must be invited to use the service. That’s a bit of a difference from the Digg model. But Yahoo Buzz appears to have the same web server crushing power that Digg has been famous for. Yahoo is continuing to ramp up the number of links posted on its home page from Buzz.