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National Income Life Insurance

Posted by Admin On12th May 2008

National Income Life Insurance Company is a 100% union company. It is a subsidiary of American Income Life, which has been serving Northing American union policy owners for over 50 years. National Income Life solely insures union members and retirees in New York State, with offices in Albany, New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Corning, and Long Island.

With National Income Life being a 100% union company, they stand apart from typical insurance companies. This gives the company a stable and elite market. It also has let the company do away with cold calls and prospecting.

National Income Life gives union members and retirees Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits. The company also gives an additional Accidental Death benefit to members’ spouses and children. The benefits are in force 24/7, even if one is on the job or at home. All of this is paid for at no cost to union members.

National Income Life is offering union members these benefits at no cost in exchange for the opportunity to introduce members to the company’s supplemental benefit plans. Members will receive direct mailings, to which they can respond to through a postage-paid card. Only the members who respond will be further contacted and given information about specific plans designed for them.

It is essential to National Income Life to give union members and retirees excellent customer service and current benefits. Every day, the company is working to introduce up-to-date benefits into the union insurance market. As these benefits become available, National Income Life will get in touch with a representative from the union to discuss if these latest benefits would be plus to members.

On National Income Life’s website, members can access their account to make address, name, and miscellaneous changes. If they need to make a change in beneficiaries, a form can be printed, filled out, and then mailed to the company. If union members opt for supplemental benefits, they can choose to have premiums automatically deducted from their bank account. Premium notices can also be sent to an E-mail address so members can pay the bill online. Members can also have access to claim forms on the website.

Members can receive two free items from National Income Life. The Child Safe Kit can help members’ children from becoming one of the 800,000 children who end up being reported missing each year. The kit lets a child’s vital information be stored in a secure place. Members can also take advantage of the Family Information Guide which helps members inform their family about their insurance coverage.