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NetworkAgenda making work life easier

Posted by Admin On25th April 2008


Running a business isn’t as easy as it used to be back in the dark ages, before the advent of the computer and the Internet.?‚A Now that NetworkAgenda has rolled out its online suite of virtual office tools, you’ve probably arrived at the conclusion that running a business in the old days was considerably more difficult.

Before NetworkAgenda developed an entire suite of online office tools for one low monthly subscription price, running a business effectively required an entire room full of support staff to handle a variety of tasks, such as payroll, scheduling, filing, as well as project management, and other multiple details.

Today, by simply paying one low monthly price it’s possible for you to handle all of the following tasks on your desktop and the Internet:

  • l timeclock
  • l Project manager
  • l contact manager
  • l Web calendar
  • l conference room
  • l data storage

Life isn’t really all that much easier since the advent of NetworkAgenda‘s suite of tools.?‚A You still have to manually program your VCR, and your children are still required to learn how to tie their shoes.?‚A Business however, is another story.?‚A NetworkAgenda has developed so many useful and practical tools that your business could almost run without you.

So grab your golf clubs, and log on to and put NetworkAgenda to work helping you to run your business.