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New time capsule at Apple

Posted by Admin On21st April 2008

When talking about new Apple products it’s only natural that most of the attention goes to the iPhone and the MacBook Air. Machines like the Mac Pro and the iMac are still solid performers, but it’s tough to get excited about them because they’re getting pretty long in the tooth.

One unique item that’s gotten lost in the shuffle over at Apple is Time Capsule.

Time Capsule is an automatic, wireless backup system that works in conjunction with Leopard based Macs on your wireless network to simplify backing up your important data.

As we continue to embrace our computers and our lifestyles become more digital, the more important it is to back up data on a regular basis. Backups used to be a hassle because it meant setting aside time to backup your stuff, and often hooking up another drive in order to protect your data. Of course as files got bigger – and the data became more abundant – traditional drives grew to be an impractical means of storage.

Apple pioneered seamless backup through their iDisk, which enabled .Mac users to buy disk space on Apple’s servers to backup their data with an Internet connection. Automatic backup became available with OS X, which meant that users didn’t have to “remember” to back up. They could specify which files they wanted to backup automatically and it would happen whenever they got online.

Still, purchasing backup space on outside servers is impractical when you have multiple computers in the house. Now that home-based wireless networks are beginning to dominate, a device like Time Capsule arrived just in time.

Time Capsule comes with either a 500 GB or a 1TB hard drive, which should be plenty of space for the average user. Backups are performed through Leopard’s backup program, Time Machine. Apple states that the initial backup of your hard drive could take several hours or more, but once it’s complete, the only files that automatically backup are the ones that have changed.

In addition to the storage capacity, Time Capsule is also a full-featured 802.11n Wi-Fi base station that allows every computer in your house to be hooked up to a wireless network.

One of the big advantages of the Time Machine/Time Capsule system is that backups always take place in the background so you’re not interrupted when you’re doing work or just messing around. Also, users don’t have to set aside a day in which to backup their files because it happens automatically everyday.

It’s still wise to back up those files you simply can’t afford to lose to an off-site location. The reason is that, devices like Time Capsule are still vulnerable to breakage or damage in a catastrophe.

Requirements for using Time Capsule are a Mac running OS X Leopard with wireless networking capability.

Prices for the systems are: $299 for the 500 GB and $499 for the 1 TB model. And when you consider that you’re also getting a wireless base station, it’s a pretty good package deal.