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Rentacoder – the freelance marketplace

Posted by Admin On22nd April 2008

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If you’re a talented programmer or coder and you’re not sure?‚A about how to secure adequate work to keep food on the table while doing the work you love, RentaCoder has a solution to your problems.

At RentaCoder you have the opportunity to bid on an almost limitless pool of available jobs, negotiate a fee that both you and your buyer can live with, without having to concern yourself with whether or not you’ll be paid for your efforts.?‚A RentaCoder‘s escrow service is the vehicle that helps to ensure payment.

Bidding on projects doesn’t cost you a dime and you’re under no obligation to accept every project you’re offered, so you can bid to your heart’s content and accept those projects that allow you to maximize the amount of work you take on – at rates you can live with.

By utilizing RentaCoder‘s worldwide pool of available coding jobs, you’re no longer limited to a client base limited by the size of your hometown.?‚A The Internet is a global community and with worldwide opportunity comes a never ending supply of coding work.?‚A To take advantage of the chance to fulfill your income expectations navigate to