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Target Tells Blogger to Take a Hike

Posted by Admin On29th January 2008

Amy Jussel, a blogger at was essentially told to go away by Target. Ms. Jussel called Target’s public relations department questioning a new ad campaign which featured a woman splayed across a big target pattern (the Target logo) with the bull’s-eye at her crotch. The New York Times asks, do you think bloggers should expect to be treated the same as traditional media outlets?

I say, absolutely not. Bloggers, like myself, have absolutely no method for being credentialed as a legitimate journalist. Anyone can throw up a blog and call themselves a journalist. Really, it’s up to the individual companies to decide how they are going to treat bloggers. Some companies, like Network Solutions, respond to my inquiries. Some don’t. The companies that respond and communicate with bloggers are probably the same companies that would also answer Joe Consumer’s questions through their PR people. It’s up to each individual company to make the decision and Target shouldn’t be chastised for deciding not to talk with an uncredentialed blogger.

Nevermind that this woman’s complaint is rediculous… “?¢â‚¬?“Targeting crotches with a bull?¢â‚¬â„¢s-eye is not the message we should be putting out there,?¢â‚¬A? she said in an e-mail interview.” It’s no wonder Target takes the viewpoint they do. I’d bet that 90% of the blogger inquiries Target receives are from people making stupid claims.