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The Check’s in the mail

Posted by Admin On28th April 2008

The Bush adminstration recently announced that the tax rebates meant to spur the slowing economy will be going out sooner than expected.

Depending on your situation, you can expect a rebate of up to $600 for an individual and $1,200 for a couple with an additional $300 for each dependent child.

When I was a kid I loved getting money as a gift, or finding money in random places like my dad’s wallet or mom’s purse. It meant that I got to spend it on cool things like comic books, video games, candy and toys.

No doubt everyone is excited to get their rebate check. I’m sure people are planning to use them for all kinds of fun and exciting stuff. Here’s a list of some things you might consider using your government fun money on:

Gas. Bet you can’t wait to cash that check and get to the gas station before all the good gas is gone, eh?

Food. With food prices rising, now’s a good time to hoard rice, beans, cereal and SPAM so you’ll be able to last a few extra months after food becomes too expensive for the average family.

More Gas. By the time you get back from the store, gas prices will likely have gone up again. You can use the remainder of your cash to top off so you’ll be able to take your kids to baseball practice.

Did you ever imagine you’d have this much fun with found money when you grew up?